Shay Discount Cycles - Low Cost Bikes

All parts sold by us comes with free fitting, no hidden extras.

Servicing, we don't do gold, silver and bronze services
we do, check over, half service and full service.
Servicing costs,
Check over FREE
Check over, gas tyres make sure your bike is road worthy £0.00 free we want you safe and it takes us a few mins to check so feel customers should not be charged.
Mini (moto) service
£10 wheel size 12" to 18"    £15 for 20" to full size adults
Half service basically because not all bikes require a full service,  as with our check over we make sure the cycle is road worthy then we reset gears and brakes and ensure no play in headset, wheels, bttm bracket.
Full (monty) service
£15 wheel size 12" to 20"   £30  for 24" to full size adults
More or less a strip and rebuild. We clean and re-oil all cables, re-set brakes & gears , lube chain, bttm bracket, headset, wheels also  re-align wheels, gas tyres and check every nut and bolt on your cycle (basically a full reset and lube)
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